Wednesday, July 4, 2012

White Sox Fans Don't Feel So Bad About First Place Team

White Sox fans it's okay. It happens. I know you feel like the girl that gets lied to by the only guy  you really cared about. Look it's not easy letting go, it's hard to forgive someone that has hurt you in the past. Really you didn't know. Everybody was saying how bad they are.  First it was Robin Ventura can't be a manager he never managed before. He needs to do what Ryne Sandberg did and go to the minors for 3 to 4 years to get the "experience" as a manager. Ok we now know that was just a lie Jim Hendry told Sandberg to get out of the Cubs hair. Of course their was the Sergio Santos trade and Carlos Quentin trade. The Sox don't care about me anymore, they let  favorite Mark Buehrle go. Boo who.  So I understand you are, as a White Sox fan a little gun shy. A little hurt. Don't forgot they traded Ozzie Guillen the best manager ever in the history of the world. Right? He was so funny with his tirades and tweets and his sons ripping that stupid Kenny Williams who signed Jake Peavy and Adam Dunn. Ouch. It all hurts. Plus when someone, some expert comes out and tells you that the White Sox may lose 100 yes 100 games in 2012. Well. That about seals the deal. Heart broken. Never, ever, ever coming back to watch this team. I mean really Ventura got beat up by Nolan Ryan. If that doesn't say he can't be a manager nothing does.  If that wasn't enough the same old Alex Rios. Ugh. And A.J., he can't throw out the garbage. So with no closer, no ace, no DH and an aging Paul Konerko, I get it. White Sox fans you are hurt. It's like when the so called Wall Street experts tell you to sell your stock in May because the slowing economy and it turns out June was the best month for stocks in years. Go figure. Lies and lies. Your heart can't take it.

And now this. You missed the cool party. Your first place team. Who knew that Dunn will blast 25 bombs. Or Chris Sale will have 10 wins before the All-Star break. It hurts. I mean really. The second half only means more heart break if you open up and let them in. No way can Dunn hit another 25 home runs. I mean really if he hits 50 that  would be the most he ever hit in a season. And if Sale gets 10 more wins. 20 wins. It's been a long time since a Sox picher had 20 wins. I hate to bring this up but Jake Peavy looks really good. I know you missed it. It's been a busy spring with work and the kids, well you know. I get it. Pain is hard. I hesitate to tell you about the season Dayan Viciedo is having in left field. Um yeah its pretty decent. He has thrown out a few runners, caught everything and he can hit for power too. Sorry. But I know you know this already. The TV and radio ratings are way up. Watching the Sox on TV is like stalking your ex on Facebook. you can see what they are up to without putting yourself out there. I get it.

But now what do you do? It's 5 games before the All-Star break and we, us, them are in first place. What? The Tigers. Yeah  yeah they will get better. Who? Yes the experts say that. That they will get hot and the Sox will suck and Peavy will get hurt and Sale will have elbow problems and Rios will stop hitting and catching, etc etc. Yes I know you need to tell  you these things. It's how people coup with hurt. So the hesitation is still there. Do you really want to come to a game and cheer? How many games in first place do they really need to be before you step foot to watch this team. How many young rookie pitchers pitching well will it take? I guess only you can answer that question.

Bad news is they only have a few home games in July. But in August...what? Oh school starts up and work gets busy, right. I see. I know its hard but maybe you can try to see one game in the second half. Maybe the game that Dunn hits his 40th or Tank hits his 20th. Or Youk blast a 3 run homer to win the game for Sale. Or Addison Reed gets his 15th save.

Anyway its okay that you missed one of the most exicting first halfs of Robin Ventura first year as manager. I mean do you really think he will win Manager of the Year. A team that was picked for last. Will Adam Dunn or Alex Rios win Comeback Player of the Year? Will Sale win 20 games? I guess you will have to continue to watch on TV. Yeah its safer that way. You can always turn it off.


  1. Wake up, y'all! You risk allowing your children to fall under the influence of the evil ones, becoming *shudder* cubbie fans.